Our Services

Spay & Neutering

In an effort to combat pet homelessness, we meet the urgency of spaying and neutering homeless dogs & cats.

Emergency Housing

We seek temporary housing for pets who's homeless humans are experiencing medical emergencies or incarceration, or for pets recovering from medical procedures.

Emergency Medical Aid

We partner with local vets to provide initial appointments for examination & evaluation. Additionally, we offer assistance with obtaining vaccinations, special diet foods, euthanasia and medications for homeless pets in need.

Food Assistance

Street Dogz works to ensure that no pet goes hungry. We distribute dog and cat food and supplies at locations throughout the valley as well as delivery to you if you do not have transportation. Call 702-277-8836 or check our Facebook page @StreetDogzlv for times and locations.

About Us

Our Mission is to ensure that no pet is surrendered due to a lack of resources on the part of their human.

In 2015 Southern Nevada was the home of 7,509 homeless people. Our rate of homelessness was 30.8% greater that the National Average. Additionally, nearly half of our homeless population lives unsheltered - that is 20% greater than the rest of the nation. With such drastic rates of homelessness we are compelled to do what we can.

We understand that the homeless epidemic will not end over night, but hope that we can fill the days journey with just a bit more light. Many of the efforts in place to combat pet homelessness involve spay & neutering, fostering & shelters. We sought a different solution, a more preventative approach to ensure that pets are not surrendered in the first place. We strive to provide assistance to pets of homeless and those in need by offering food & supply distributions, assisting with the funding of spay & neutering of pets, meeting the needs of special food diets, medications, and vaccinations, and working to provide temporary housing for pets. In addition to offering material support, we find that our efforts to help humans care for their companions offer a sense of dignity, comfort, and hope.

How You Can Help

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What We’re Doing

Pets Fed
Pets Spayed & Neutered
Pets Medically Treated
Pets Provided Shelter & Retrieved

How far donations can go

“$25 can cover the fees charged if me or my friends get sent to the Animal Foundation.”


“$50 will cover one night at Motel 6 so I can recover from surgery.”


“Help control the pet population!”  Cover the costs of spay or neuter for $115 for canines ($75 for pit bulls).


“My vet bill is $190.”  The average veterinary care cost for a homeless pet.


A Message From Our Founder

I first recognized a need for assisting pets with homeless humans while working at the Community Assistance Center in Downtown Las Vegas. During my volunteering I fell witness to numerous pets living on the streets with their homeless humans. I further noticed homeless owners sharing their own food with their pets and was compelled to help. Watching that companionship shared by these pets and their owners made me recall a simple phrase, "Home is where your dog is". Such a simple phrase became the mission of Street Dogz, the non-profit organization that I would establish in 2014. Our mission is to ensure that no pet is surrendered due to a lack of resources on the part of their human. What would originally be an effort to feed the pets of the homeless has grown into so much more allowing for pet food & supplies, spay & neutering, medical treatment, and emergency housing. We are overjoyed by this growth, but are reminded that we cannot do it without the support of our community. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to learn more about the issue we face, and hope that I've inspired you to do more.
Cheryl Noori